It’s an unfortunate day for me, I am losing you. 

I am missing you so badly 

I don’t know how to express at the moment

But trust me 

I am shattered, my heart is shattered 

These painful emotions we express generally when we get a break up with our love or life partner. It is one of the most painful experience any one suffers. In this blog we have provided Heartbreaking Sad Shayari in Hindi and English. These Shayari has been updated in Hindi and English. In India People use to say it Shayari while in English or western countries meaning of Shayari is Poetry. 

Heartbreaking Sad Shayari or Poetry in English | Break Up Shayari in English

My heart is shattered, broken like glass,

My love for you, now just a painful past,

Once so full of life, now empty and cold,

A love story, now sadly untold.

Every moment with you was like a dream,

A love so pure, or so it seemed,

But now I’m lost in a sea of tears,

Memories of you, the only thing that’s clear.

The pain is real, it never fades,

A love once strong, now in shades,

Of darkness and despair, my heartache,

A love that was meant to be, a mistake.

I try to move on, but it’s all in vain,

The thought of you, still brings the pain,

The love we shared, now just a memory,

A love that ended in such misery.

So here I am, alone and broken,

My heart aching, my love unspoken,

The pain of losing you, so hard to bear,

My heart shattered, beyond repair.

Sad Break Up Shayari 2023 in Hindi

Tumse milke zindagi khushiyon se bhari thi,

Tumhari aankhon mein khushiyan hi khushiyan thi,

Par ab yeh zindagi tanha aur udaas hai,

Tumhare bina yeh zindagi ab bezaar hai.

Har pal tumhari yaadein mujhe tadpati hai,

Tumhare bina yeh dil ab tadpta rehta hai,

Tumhari kami se yeh zindagi adhuri si lagti hai,

Tumhare bina yeh zindagi ab ek khwaab si lagti hai.

Mere dil mein tha sirf tumhara ghar,

Par tumne tode dil ka yeh pyaar,

Ab yeh dil toot ke bikhar gaya hai,

Tumhari yaadon mein yeh dil ab dhadakta nahi hai.

Yeh sach hai ki hum dono ka safar khatam ho gaya,

Mere dil se tumhara naam ab mitaana padega,

Par yeh dil hamesha tumhara hi rahega,

Kyunki yeh dil tumhare liye dhadakta rahega.

How to Express when your Heart Break – Expression During Break Up

Dil toot gaya hai mera,

Aansoon ki tarah behta rehta hai,

Koi samajh nahi pata iska dard,

Dil ke tukde bikhar ke rehta hai.

Har kadam pe yaad aati ho tum,

Yaadon mein kho jaata hai mera dum,

Kaise bhula doon main tumhein,

Dil toot gaya hai, yeh baat jaante ho tum.

Indians are very emotional people. They find Shayari or Break up shayari very relevant to express their emotions during Break up. To Support in adding expression through words, we have provided latest Break up Sad Shayari 2023 in Hindi and English. Start sharing these collections through WhatsApp and other social media. 

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