Bihar diwas wishes poems

Every year the state Government of Bihar celebrate Bihar Diwas. Bihar diwas is celebrated because on this day Bihar was separated out from its Bengal Province. Since 1912, the day is celebrated to commemorate the rich culture, history, and tradition of the state and to pay tribute to the great luminaries who have graced this land and contributed to its growth and development. It is a day to celebrate Bihar’s unique identity and to promote its rich legacy and heritage. Below we have provided Bihar Diwas unique wishes, quotes and Poems collection to make your day more special

Bihar Diwas wishes and Poems

Bihar, the land of ancient wisdom

A state that shines with rich tradition

Bihar Diwas we celebrate today

To honor its culture in every way

From the majestic Ganga to the Bodhi tree

Bihar has a glorious history

Buddha, Mahavira, and Guru Gobind Singh

All found their enlightenment within its wings

From Nalanda to Vikramshila

Bihar was once the seat of knowledge and chakravila

The land that gave the world Chanakya’s wisdom

And the great Ashoka’s vast kingdom

Bihar is known for its luscious cuisine

From litti-chokha to sattu, it’s a foodie’s dream

Its festivals are a spectacle to behold

From Chhath Puja to Sonepur Mela, each one is told

On Bihar Divas, let’s celebrate

The land that’s so unique and great

Let’s cherish its culture and legacy

And pledge to take it to a new destiny.

Bihar Diwas Celebration Speech Poems in English

On this auspicious occasion of Bihar Divas, 

Let us take a moment to remember with pride 

The rich history and culture of this great state 

And the contributions it has made far and wide. 

From the ancient universities of Nalanda and Vikramshila 

To the birthplace of Lord Buddha and Guru Gobind Singh 

Bihar has been a beacon of knowledge and spirituality 

And a source of inspiration for many a thing. 

Let us celebrate the diverse and vibrant culture 

Of this land of ancient wisdom and tradition 

And pledge to preserve and promote its legacy 

With love, respect, and deep admiration. 

Happy Bihar Diwas to one and all 

May the state continue to prosper and thrive 

And may its people always remain proud and tall 

With their heads held high and hearts full of life.

Here are some Bihar Divas celebration quotes that you might find meaningful:

  • “Bihar, the land of ancient wisdom, where every nook and corner is steeped in history and culture, is a true gem in the crown of India.”
  • “Let us celebrate Bihar Diwas with pride and joy, and pledge to uphold the rich legacy of this great state.”
  • “Bihar is not just a state, it is a way of life, a culture, a tradition that has stood the test of time and continues to inspire us all.”
  • “From the banks of the Ganga to the plains of Mithila, Bihar is a tapestry of colors, flavors, and traditions that never fails to amaze us.”
  • “As we celebrate Bihar Divas, let us remember the great luminaries who have graced this land and left an indelible mark on our hearts and minds.”
  • “Bihar is not just a place, it is a feeling, an emotion that touches us all and binds us together in a common bond of love and respect.”
  • “Bihar Divas is not just a celebration, it is a reminder of the rich heritage and culture of this great state that we must cherish and preserve

Bihar State – A Part of India

Let’s get some time to commemorate Bihar Divas on 22nd March. Every year Bihar state Government perform different cultural activities like music dance painting etc to show the rich culture and heritage of Bihar state. Bihar is a state in India with more than 12 million population. The state is known from sources of ancient history where it talks about famous Magadh dynasty, lands of Buddha and Mahavira and modern history sources which talks about Champaran Satyagraha by Mahatma Gandhi.